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Email Marketing

We use the Mailchimp email marketing platform to communicate news, newsletters and special offers to help you maintain customers and generate leads.

 Did you know that 99% of consumers check their email daily and prefer to receive business updates via email?

Email marketing is a component of all our marketing plans as it has so many benefits and is sustainable and cost-effective. Find out more below!

Email Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Personalised Content

One of the best things about email marketing is that it allows for content tailored to your customers. Something as simple as including your customer’s name increases authority and trust when communicating.

Additionally, creating segmented audiences allows you to tweak your content so that it is more appealing.

Feedback and Surveys

Email marketing is a great way to measure the customer experience by encouraging feedback and surveys.

Improving Sales

Email marketing featuring products or services, sending reminders or delivering special offers creates as sense of importance that can drive sales.

Increased Communication

Improved communication encourages brand loyalty.

Better SEO

Having a newsletter that links to your website increases SEO when people click on the link. Additionally, including the newsletter on your website also increases SEO as it shows that you are updating your site.

Cost Effective, Societal and Sustainable

Email campaigns are cheap and sustainable to produce, with no costly media buying or distribution. They don’t use paper, ink or other resources. Additionally, you are only communicating your message to people who want to receive it, making it both societal and sustainable.

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