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Logo Design and Branding

If you are a new business, or your logo has become outdated, it may be time for an upgrade. We offer set-price logo designs that are paid off weekly over 3 months.

Plus, you will receive a logo discount if you add one of our digital marketing plans!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Eco-Friendly Logo?

Did you know that design plays a part in the sustainability of both online and print designs? For example, if you will mainly be using your logo online, darker colours are much more eco-friendly, while lighter colours are better for print use. 

If you are intending to use your logo for print, the use of negative space is another way to achieve your branding goals while wasting less ink.

How long does a Logo take to design?

The time taken to design your logo will depend heavily on your initial focus and the changes made throughout the process.

Generally, your logo will take somewhere between two weeks to two months to design.

All Eco Digital logos are designed by our graphic designer in Adelaide to ensure that your logo is designed sustainably without the use of slave labour.

Why hire a professional Graphic Designer?

Your logo is the core of your identity as a business. It shows the world who you are and what you do. When you hire Eco Digital Marketing to create a logo, we commit to assisting you to manifest your branding in a way that communicates your truest identity in a sustainable way.

Can I ask for changes to my logo?

At Eco Digital Marketing, we are committed to creating a logo that you are truly happy with. All of our packages include a set number of changes. If you require additional changes, these may be charged at an additional cost. 

What file types are provided?

We provide your logo in the following formats: design preview, CMYK version, CMYK one colour, Pure White and Black, RGB and transparent, and Favicon. 

Who holds copyright?

The copyright is yours, however we reserve the right to use your logo in our portfolio and promotion.