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Business Cards are big business, with around 27 million printed per day. Cheap and simple, they are great tools to network and build your brand.

However, it is estimated that of 10 billion business cards printed in a year, 88% or 8.8 billion will be in the trash within a week.

At Ecco Marketing Adelaide, we suggest that you choose from a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly business card options:

Reuse: Bioplastics Aren’t Corny!

Consider reusable and eco-friendly PLA Corn business cards or Recycled Cardboard Cards. Similar to plastic-cards, you can create a discount or gift for first time shoppers in exchange for the return of business card after they have saved your contact details.

Upcycled Cardboard Box Cards.

Design: It’s All in the Creative Process…

Play with print processes. Using production techniques like embossing (creating dimension by pressing images on the cards) and dye-cutting (carving designs in to the card) can create interest without using ink. This makes the final product easier to recycle. Please avoid processes such as lamination, Spot UV and foiling as they make it harder to recycle and require harmful chemicals to be created. I love this novel idea to print directly on old 

Printing: I Soy, Vegetable Inks Sure are Great!

Consider soy or vegetable inks. these inks are much easier to recycle and do not require the such harsh chemicals for their production.

Vegetable Ink Stamped Business Cards.

Branch in to Recycled Paper.

Choose your paper. Try to aim for recycled or at least sustainably grown paper. And if you are aiming for tree-fibre recyclable cards, store cards or VIP cards, make sure that you choose a reasonable gsm weight. You can even opt for seeded recycled paper like these poppy-seeded cards below!

Seeded business cards.

Die-Cutting: Square up Your Options.

Using less paper and ink, square cards create interest and are a stylish alternative to traditional sized cards.

It’s where you’re going that counts…

Finally, please consider the end-process. Try to aim for cards that can be easily recycled or reused. examples include business card magnets, business card bottle openers, business card graters or even edible business cards. The trick is to consider your industry and get creative!

Plantable business cards.

Here at Eco Digital Marketing, we love to design according to your requirements in order to appeal to your audience. For more information, please contact us on